SEGA has been teasing many different soundtracks for their upcoming games, Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces. Both games have a very separate type of style, and that is apparent simply by listening to their soundtracks. Sonic Mania is classic, while Sonic Forces is taking a more modern approach to the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

Sonic Mania’s soundtracks are true to the game’s roots. These soundtracks sound like they came directly from the original games. It is obvious that this is SEGA attempting to bring back the classics and make them cool, modern, and retro once again. This is something I personally love, considering the originals are something almost every Sonic the Hedgehog fan loves and has played. It seems that SEGA is trying to reel the series back to its roots after experimenting with various styles such as Sonic Boom.

These tracks seem to have an electronic, fast-paced, and upbeat style. This is exactly like the original style of the Sonic the Hedgehog games, so it is really neat that they are bringing it back for Sonic Mania. The classics have always been the type of games to have a simple plot and be lighthearted, and that has changed a lot in the modern-day Sonic games, so it is refreshing to see that original concept making a comeback in the series. I believe it will be something fresh and new for the Sonic series as a whole.

However, Sonic Force’s soundtrack have a very different approach. They are very heavy and hard-rock, which is very reminiscent to Shadow the Hedgehog. I believe that this style of music suits the new game perfectly, so it is a beautiful combination. All we can hope is that Sonic Forces doesn’t have the same mixed reaction that Shadow the Hedgehog did. As long as the gameplay is on par with the intense music, there should not be a problem with the game as a whole.

Something many can agree on is that the Shadow the Hedgehog soundtracks were amazing, thrilling, and intense. To see that hard-rock style come back is exciting for me personally. It is a style that matches the modern-day Sonic the Hedgehog perfectly, particularly Sonic Forces. Considering this game has a post-apocalyptic feel, I believe that something techno and upbeat would have thrown the entire game off. Rock music fits the aesthetic that SEGA is reaching for in their newer games. Their choice of music is right on the money for this game.

Either way, it seems that SEGA is doing something right when it comes to the soundtracks for their upcoming games. I love that they are showing us the music for the upcoming games to give us an idea of how the new games will turn out to be and what we should expect after they are released. The music both games very well, and we can hope that the gameplay from both upcoming releases matches up to the amazing music in the end.

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