With the (sad) news that Star Wars Rebels will be ending its run at the end of Season 4 – many were wondering if the series would end its run by revisiting the huge battle seen at the end of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. We know The Ghost ship was present at the battle, but it seems we won’t be getting that s a battle in the television series.

In an interview with SlashFilm, Dave Filoni (Series producer) explained that he’s not planning on showing audiences the huge battles from the Rogue One movies;

“I don’t think that would be right. It would be to hinge this series end on a battle we’ve already seen the outcome of in a feature film. It would be a little bit repetitious, anticlimactic. I think as an initial impulse it sounds great. But the more you think about it, you go hmmmm I don’t know, it would kind of taper your expectations and the tension would be cut quite a bit. I like our ending. And I love that battle. I think it would be neat to see that battle one day from the Ghost’s perspective because we know the Ghost is there, but we don’t know who is in the Ghost. So that’s kind of a good question that needs to be answered.”


He was also asked that the series would probably avoid using Jedha, the ancient Jedi city blown up in Rogue One. To that question, he was a lot more speculative.

“Anything’s possible in Star Wars storytelling, I’ve learned that lesson. Ever since we brought Darth Maul back, I learned that lesson. I think we have a certain specific task ahead of us and with respect to that film, we wanted things like Jedha to be very special for that movie when it came out. It’s a wonderful sandbox they’ve created over there but you know, it’s not something I could really play with in this series at this point. We have our own Jedi mysteries that we’ve been wrapping our head around on this show.”


All we know thus far is that at least two of Star Wars: Rebel’s cast make it to the Rogue One movie. Hera Syndulla and Chopper appear in various guises – hinting that we may yet see something play out.

Are you excited for the final run of Star Wars Rebels?


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