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‘The Elder Scrolls: Legends’ Review (2017)

ScreenCritics Wolf reviews the latest offering in The Elder Scrolls series, this time in a card game format with The Elder Scrolls: Legends.

  The Elder Scrolls Card Game

Now With 90% Less Arrows In The Knee

With Magic: The Gathering being a huge hit around the world and Hearthstone bringing Blizzard’s unique brand of gameplay to millions, it was only a matter of time before Bethesda jumped on the bandwagon and made a card game around possibly the most beloved franchises in gaming. The Elder Scrolls has always been a cornerstone in the industry with players spending hundreds of hours immersed in the fantasy worlds of Morrowind, Cyrodiil and Skyrim so the full release of The Elder Scrolls Legends on PC was always going to cause people to talk.

The game follows a simplified style of pick a card, place in a lane and attack the opponent or enemy creature but with the removal of a blocking system the game seems to fall down in what makes a game like Magic so strategic. The thought behind this could be to make it accessible to all audiences and skill levels and certainly the way that a player can build their deck how they want means that you can be a heavy hitter smashing the opponent until his life is zero.

However, add some cards with the guard ability and they have to take them out before they can get to you, and for someone who has played Magic a lot over the years, it’s a strange system to get to grips with. Legends seems to want you to make this your new casual game by employing an easier fighting style and one where a last second spell card can’t be used to change the tide of the battle.

Did Someone Steal Your Sweet roll?

The graphical quality is brilliant which you would expect from a card based game but it’s in the story and voice acting that Legends really excels. Its a typical Elder Scrolls type of story weaving an intricate web starting with the player in an arena as a prisoner and making his way to become a hero and defeat the evil which is trying to destroy Tamriel – it’s a tale which may sound very familiar to all Elder Scroll fans but if it isn’t broke, then there’s no need to fix it. Similarly the first couple of hours will be spent with familiar voices occasionally talking to you and its a nice addition to help you ease into a world which has always had great care and attention put into it.

The cards have the same special care and pulling out a Morthal Watchman or Senche-Tiger, while not the most exciting thing in the world, does produce a big burst of recognition or nostalgia for some. The whole feel of the game is centred around the lore, and there is a lot of lore, but it isn’t trying to hold your hand and explain every little piece. Instead it gives die hard Elder Scrolls fans their little Easter eggs while allowing the newcomers to become immersed into a world at their own pace.

Overall, Legends is a nicely presented card game which Elder Scrolls fans will love for staying with the lore and newcomers will love for it’s story and simplicity. Legends may not break into the cult status which Magic: The Gathering has built but it has found its little corner of the market and with the lore and story already in place, it can expand and build upon itself with each new Elder Scrolls installment, possibly adding new areas, enemies and characters as they develop them for their main game. The only thing missing now is a Sweet Roll and an Arrow To The Knee card.

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