With WWE and Eva Marie officially parting ways, it leaves a lot of funny feelings. She was an awful wrestler, terrible on the mic and generally considered one of the worst performers to ever grace a WWE ring. But boy oh boy, if Eva Marie didn’t leave us with some incredibly fun memories. We figured now was as a good a time as any to look back at the all red goddess; picking out the moments that truly made her run with WWE memorable.

What was your favourite Eva Marie moment?


1. That Awful Debut

So WWE decided to debut Eva Marie during a random Miz TV segment. It wasn’t the best choice for a WWE Diva who was still very clearly not ready for a live microphone. She car crashed the entire thing, pretty much setting the tone for fans hatred throughout the entire run with WWE. The highlight of it all was the infamous;

“I’m Eva Marie, and I’m here to make a name for myself!”



2. That Time She Forgot She Was a Referee

So Eva Marie on the mic was a disaster – but it only got worse when she stepped in the ropes. 2014 Eva Marie was woefully unprepared for life in the ring – hence the decision to keep her out of matches (Remember, this was the Divas era of women’s wrestling in WWE). This meant finding other ways to use her.

During one ill-fated run as a special referee, Eva Marie seemingly forgot she was a referee. During a Nikki Bella vs. Nattie match on Smackdown Live, the All Red Goddess forgets to count the pinfall to close out the match. It takes Nikki Bella screaming at her to remember – creating one of the most hilariously awkward moments in the Divas Division.


3. That Time She pronounced Jinder Mahal’s Name Incorrectly

When it became obvious Eva Marie was greener than Ireland, WWE attempted to shift focus. They tried to parachute her into an announcing role – something they very quickly yanked her from when she messed it up.

How did she mess it up? She somehow forgot Jinder Mahal’s name – pronouncing him as “Ginger Mahal”. This was so hilariously out of place – it became a major storyline on a Total Divas episode.


4. That Time She Forgot To Kick Out

NXT is where WWE Superstars go to train, to make themselves better. So, of course, Eva Marie was going to go here if she ever planned on cracking the main roster. The big problem with NXT though is that this learning curve is very much shown publically – meaning fans get to see the very worst of Superstars.

During this one match with NXT’s Billie, Eva Marie completely forgot to kick out at 2. It created one hell of a bizarre moment, as Billie had to force her shoulders off the mat herself. Given that Eva was trying, she can’t be critiqued too harshly for this. But the reality is that if she couldn’t remember the big spots in matches – maybe she wasn’t ready to be in the ring.


5. Those Many Times She Failed To Sell The Most Basic of Moves

When Eva Marie did step in the ring, she became infamous for her inability to sell moves. Even the most basic of bumps turned into bizarre failures as she flopped around like a fish out of water.

My personal favourite Eva Marie Botch was during a tag match on Main Event – where Eva Marie tried to a hot tag into an empty corner. Cue laughter and hilarity from the live audience.

There are entire compilations of her errors on Youtube, but man – she was certainly something else inside the squared circle.


6. That Time Eva Marie Called Summer Rae “A Piece of Dog Poop”

Trash talking rivals is a key part of being a WWE Superstar. Whether face or heel, WWE performers must be able to generate heat for their ongoing feuds. So while WWE was in the UK, they gave Eva a shot at this when Summer Rae began tormenting her.

During a backstage interview on Smackdown, Eva Marie proceeded to call Summer Rae “A piece of dog poop”. No seriously, that was the height of her creative anger – as  Nikki Bella and Ricardo Rodriguez look on in stunned awe. Has there ever been a worse insult thrown out in WWE?


7. That Time She Injured Carmella

Injuries happen in wrestling – that’s part and parcel of the industry. But in 2015, during a live show for NXT, Eva Marie potentially crossed the line from “safe funny” to “dangerous”.

During a match with WWE Superstar Carmalla, Eva Marie positioned Carmella on the ring apron with her head outside the ring – a normal wrestling spot by any account. When Eva went to land the kick – she ended up booting Carmella for reals, giving the WWE Superstar a real concussion. Footage of the incident is hard to find – but fans in attendance clearly put the blame on Eva – who’s unsafe work left one of her colleagues out of the ring for several weeks. Not cool.


8. That Time She Almost Won the NXT Women’s Championship

Up to now, this list has been hugely negative – with good reason. Eva Marie was a sloppy worker at best, a danger at worst. But in those few brief moments when things came together – Eva Marie ended up becoming a true heat magnet.

Perhaps the best example of this was during the latter stages of her NXT run. She (along with Nia Jax) worked their way through the roster, eventually earning Eva Marie a title opportunity against the hugely popular Bayley. The segments leading up to this were fine, but rumors swirled at the time that WWE were seriously considering slipping the belt on to Eva Marie’s shoulder. So uncertain of the outcome were fans, social media was flooded with live coverage of the episode in question – as fans eagerly waited to see if she had captured the gold.

She didn’t, but fans were curious to see what happened. There was potential in the idea, and WWE may have been wrong to pass over the opportunity.


9. That Time She Became Must-Watch TV on Smackdown Live

When Eva Marie got moved to Smackdown Live during the 2016 WWE Draft, fans were curious how she would fit into the bigger picture of the show. Turns out, she became the most unmissable part of the Women’s Division.

Every week Eva Marie would enter to a grand entrance theme, complete with movie style voice over. Every week she would find a way to flunk out on actually competing – whether it was due to traffic or faking an injury. Her antics not only took advantage of her heat – they cemented her as the most hated woman on Smackdown Live. Fans loved it – and it kept her out of the ring.

Sadly, fans didn’t get to see this paid off – as…..


10. That Time Eva Marie Got Wellnessed

…Eva Marie got suspended. At the height of her popularity and relevance in the company, Eva suffered a fatal Wellness Policy strike. The official reason given was that Eva Marie failed to turn in paperwork on time – but it brought Eva Marie’s momentum to a screeching halt.

She was removed from WWE Television, Total Divas and effectively left on the shelf. She hasn’t made a return appearance since this occurred – signalling that this was the downfall of Eva Marie. It also probably didn’t help that her husband went on an ill-fated Twitter rant that only further poisioned the situation.

It’s kind of sad that her run in WWE ended this way, but somewhat poetic. It began in flames, it ended in flames.