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Video games come and video games go. But sometimes, video games never escape the turmoil of development hell. For whatever reason, development never ends and a title can spend years trapped in an ever depressing spiral of uncertainty. There are hundreds of games that occupy this space in the modern gaming market – these are just a few of the MIA games we’d love to actually get to play someday.


Animal Crossing Mobile

Why MIA?: Announced way back in 2015, Animal Crossing mobile was one of the pillars upon which the Nintendo’s freshly minted mobile strategy would rest. While the other two games that made up that early announcement, Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes, have long since released – Animal Crossing game has remained suspiciously¬†quiet in comparison. It’s even odder when you realize Animal Crossing is arguably the best fit for mobile gaming.

Where is it?: Nintendo famously doesn’t like talking about its in-development games until they’re almost ready for showtime. This seems to count double for their mobile offerings, which have all seemingly seen short turnaround times post-announcement. Either Nintendo has canned the game or it’ll show up in a surprise Direct. All we know right now is that it should land before April 2018, if Nintendo don’t boot it further into 2018. One of the MIA games I’m genuinely frustrated over.



Why MIA?: Media Molecule’s next big project was unveiled in 2015, to huge applause and excitement. The concept sounded hugely ambitious, giving gamers a unique spin on social media gaming. Alas, that early excitement faded into silence as the game continues to be developed. Over two years later, there’s only vague mumblings of the games continued development while the promised 2017 beta of the game is nowhere near becoming a reality. If it does happen, we’ll be surprised.

Where is it? At the beginning of October 2017, Alex Evans took to Twitter to give gamers an update on Dreams – talking about the game’s engine and how it would work in the game. We’re guessing that since he didn’t announce anything more concrete – the game is still a long way off.


Visceral & Respawn’s Star Wars Games

Why MIA?: Star Wars games famously have a long road to release. Many great games have been canned long into development, making the MIA status of these two games unsurprising. That said, it doesn’t make us any less excited to see what the two teams can do. Visceral (The team behind the Dead Space series) and Respawn (fresh off the delightful Titanfall 2) are both set to get their chance at crafting an original Star Wars experience. Both of these games were announced during EA’s 2016 E3 showcase – almost 18 months ago now.

Where is it?:¬†Visceral hired Uncharted’s Amy Henning, reportedly to pen the story behind their third person offering. It’s a long way off, but the project is very much go it seems. Respawn’s is less certain – with only vague reports suggesting new hires from May of 2017 to go off. It’s likely we won’t hear anything about these until E3 2018 at the earliest – but we’re curious to see what both teams can deliver.



Why MIA?: Revealed at Gamescom 2014, Michel Ancel’s (Beyond Good & Evil, Rayman) new project looked set to take the idea of wildlife gameplay to the next level. Offering an abundance of choice and freedom, Wild promised to let you take over animals and humans in a world where the food chain was the enemy,

Where is it?: The game still has its PlayStation page, so it’s not been canceled. Outside of this, the game has largely disappeared from view. There was some discussion about it back at E3 2017 – but since then it’s been all radio silence. We wouldn’t expect much to come from this in the shadow of Beyond Good & Evil 2’s huge E3 showcase.


1666: Amsterdam & Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

Why MIA?: Assassin’s Creed creator Patrice Desilets has two games in development – neither of which have been heard of in recent times. Amsterdam made a big splash when leaked footage emerged back in the early 2010’s. The game was under development at THQ – before the game was bought up by Ubisoft during their messy meltdown. The legal battle between Desilets and Ubisoft may be resolved, but it’s left 1666: Amsterdam very much out in the cold. Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey was showcased back in 2015 as his next big project, but hasn’t been heard of since.

Where is it?: Who knows. Both projects are similar in theme to Assassin’s Creed but haven’t been seen or heard from in a long while. It’s safe to say this probably won’t be changing anytime soon.


Final Fantasy VII Remake

Why MIA?: Announced to huge fanfare back in 2015, FF7’s remake caused the kind of waves in gaming that very few other titles could ever dream of managing. Yet since then, news on the game has remained largely elusive. Despite talk of its development and Final Fantasy XV finally clearing the way for more development – news hasn’t been forthcoming on the hugely anticipated game.

Where is it?: Tetsuya Nomura, the game’s director, took to Famitsu to tease an announcement before the end of 2017 just yesterday. I wouldn’t get hopes up on a 2017 release date, if only because Final Fantasy games tend to have a habit of slipping well beyond reasonable release dates.


Half Life 3/Episode 3

Why MIA?: To be fair, it would have been rude not to include it.

Where is it?: Probably on a hard drive somewhere in Valve’s headquarters. We got a small tease of the potential story earlier this year – probably as close as gamers can realistically hope to ever getting the game.

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