There are so many video games to experience right now. From the riches of AAA-gaming through to the best of indie titles, there’s arguably never been a greater depth of titles on show. Yet not all of these games get the attention they deserve. Sometimes great video games go under the radar – becoming underrated classics.

We decided to take a look at the games we felt haven’t received their dues this generation. Whether through circumstance, bad timing or just bad luck – these games are more than worthy of your time.

Which games do you feel are underrated in the current generation of games?


8. Hitman

After the mixed reaction to Hitman: Absolution, the team at IO Interactive went back to the drawing board. Seeing potential in the ideas from that game, they rebuilt the franchise from the ground up as an episodic experience. On paper, it sounds like a terrible idea, but Hitman quickly established itself as a quality outing – with a heap of DLC and content offered to gamers who were willing to master the game. The success of Hitman showcased that, when done right, episodic gaming can deliver true quality

Why underrated?: Hitman’s quality wasn’t matched by sales, which reportedly fell under the expected bar. High production costs hurt the returns and Square Enix allowed IO Interactive to spinoff as their own studio. With the future of the franchise up in the air, Hitman may be the best way to experience the unique franchise for some time yet.


7. Until Dawn

Mainstream horror games get a bad rep. While scary in parts, there’s no denying that the market for these horror titles isn’t appealing to everyone, so it was cool to see Sony give so much promotion to this outing. Until Dawn is brutal, bloody and filled to the brim with B-movie cheese. From the decisions forced upon you to the way characters interact – it’s arguably one of the best horror experiences on PlayStation 4. Plus who doesn’t enjoy leading your hapless cast of characters to their demise?

Why underrated?: Resident Evil 7 has seemingly reclaimed its crown as the king of horror games, but Until Dawn (in my opinion) is just as worthy of praise. A sequel is reportedly in the works – good thing too.


6. Watch Dogs 2

After the original Watch Dogs crashed and burned, Ubisoft had to take the franchise back behind the shed and sort out the mess they’d overseen. After several years of waiting, Watch Dogs 2 delivered the experience that many wanted the first time around. It was fun, exciting and encouraged slapstick humor through its mechanics – asking gamers to push the boundaries. While not as solid as Grand Theft Auto 5, Watch Dogs 2 is certainly a highly accomplished game that deserves attention

Why underrated?: Watch Dogs 2 didn’t reach the heights of the original when it touched down. Those who did invest fell in love with the much-improved sequel – which offers enough different from Rockstar’s to warrant a look.

5. Wolfenstein: The New Order

Arriving at the end of the last generation of video game consoles, Wolfenstein: The New Order delivered an exhilarating slice of retro style shooting action. The game’s story is surprisingly deep while the gameplay compliments the action brilliantly, creating a brutal arena for y

Why underrated?: DOOM 2016’s release shifted the conversation from Wolfenstein to DOOM. It’s arguably the success of Wolfenstein that paved the way for id Software’s triumphant return in 2016, doing enough to get gamers back on board with the idea of retro style first-person shooters. Wolfenstein also came during an odd time for gamers – seeing releases on two generations of consoles. Whichever way you play, both are excellent. It’s worth experiencing this game before the hotly anticipated sequel touches down.

4. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

The sequel to Human Revolution landed in 2016, continuing that game’s themes and ideas. Arguably a more tight experience, the sequel explored the aftermath of the finale of the original game – which saw the Augmented turn on those around them. Had the game not ended on such a bum note here (The games ending kind of comes from nowhere) people may have taken more kindly to it.

Why underrated?: The game didn’t sell well, at least in the eyes of Square Enix. Reportedly the series is back on ice, with a planned third outing canned. There are plenty of reasons for this, namely Square’s stupid decision to stuff DLC into the game that effectively reduced the difficulty. It’s a damn shame as the core experience was solid and well worthy of exploration by gamers.


3. Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation’s arrival in 2014 marked a huge turning point for the franchise – not least because it was arguably the first game in the Alien series of games that was actually, genuinely brilliant. Isol

Why underrated?: In a genre where trigger shooters rule the roost, Alien: Isolation stands apart from the crowd – potentially a bit too much. The game sold well enough, but rarely gets the acclaim it truly deserves for delivering a unique experience. Isolation invokes more emotion in half an hour of its single player than most modern Call of Duty’s manage in entire Campaigns.


2. Rainbow Six: Siege

In an age where online shooters have become ubiquitous, it takes a lot to grab the attention of gamers. The latest Rainbow Six isn’t just an excellent shooter, it’s easily one of the best multiplayer shooters around right now. It’s tense “one more turn” gameplay lends itself to some of the most addictive experiences you can have. Every game is different and it’s a true joy to play – helped along with some incredibly generous DLC offerings.

Why underrated?: The game had a bad launch period. Rushed out by Ubisoft, negative press coverage drowned out the games positive aspects. Since then, the game has become a sleeper hit, attracting huge numbers of gamers through word of mouth. It certainly earned that, but there’s a feeling that had Ubisoft waited – the game would be oh so much bigger right now.

1. Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 is, in my opinion, has one of the best single player experiences in this generation of games. Make no mistake, this sequel not only improves on the original in every way, it arguably delivers the kind of single-player campaign that’s been sorely missing from the market in recent years. Well written, beautifully crafted and an endearing experience throughout. EA was on to a winner with this one and, with the right marketing, could easily have a had a breakout hit on their hands.

Why Underrated?: It released in the two-week window between Battlefield One and Call of Duty. EA, for some bizarre reason, opted to release this game right at the height of 2016’s first-person shooter boom. It meant the game became an awkward third wheel to those titles, with EA themselves admitting they made a bad decision. Luckily, the game is on EA Access right now and is worth the price of admission on its own.

Seriously, this game is worth looking at.


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