There’s some good and bad news for fans of the BBC’s Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood. The good news, the show is set to return for a full 12 episode outing. The bad news, that 12 episode outing will be apart of Big Finish Productions latest audio series.

The best news among all this is that John Barrowman and Eve Myles will be reprising their roles as Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper. They’ll be joined by other characters created by Russell T Davies for the new series. We’ll also see the return of Gwen’s husband Rhys (Kai Owen) as well as her former police partner Andy (Tom Price).

The official synopsis state that Captain Jack and Gwen have restarted Torchwood in Cardiff;

“But something terrible’s happened to the city,… With every day getting darker, will Torchwood need to adopt a whole new approach?” 


It’s bittersweet news for fans of the show – who have spent the last six years petitioning for the series to return.

It’s been almost six years since the last season of Torchwood aired on BBC 1. The shows last outing was the divisive Miracle Day – a series intended to create a more American focus for the show. It was developed in conjunction with the STARZ network – resulting in a number of new characters and plot threads that didn’t come together.

Producer James Goss explained;

“Russell’s been wonderfully involved in the continuation of Torchwood… We came up with some characters and ideas and he very kindly, very politely said ‘Marvellous, but no. Howabout…?’. And that’s what lead to Jack and Gwen being joined by Mr Colchester (Paul Clayton), Ng (Alexandria Riley), Tyler (Jonny Green) and the enigmatic Orr (Sam Béart).”

“This is an ambitious series for Big Finish – an entire season of Torchwood!…. There are some great scripts by some new writers, but there are also some familiar old faces – of course Rhys and Andy are in it, but there’ll be a few other surprises, including an appearance by someone who just has to be, has to be dead…”


We’ll be excited to see what happens from all this. Obviously a TV series would be better, but given how reluctant the BBC have been to put their hands in their pockets for the main Doctor Who show in recent years – we’re not convinced that Torchwood would get the love it needs.


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