After oh so many leaks and pre-E3 announcements, could Ubisoft have anything possibly hidden up their sleeves? The company needs a good showing to help bring a lot of its aging franchises back into standing; will E3 2017 be where they manage it?


Assassin’s Creed: Origins

Had I started this list earlier today, I would’ve put this in the “Likely to happen but not confirmed” section. Well good thing I waited as according to a post on Reddit which contained photos of an upcoming Game Informer Magazine which featured Assassin’s Creed: Origins prominently on the cover (my apologies for the quality of the photo but it is the best we can get at this time.) So we should expect some information at the Ubisoft Conference, hopefully, a trailer and maybe a release date.


Far Cry 5

What could be the flagship of the Ubisoft conference? Far Cry 5 is already stirring up controversy just with its cover.  Of course, this game has already been officially announced by Ubisoft and trailers have been put out so it is not really a prediction. Hopefully, we will see another trailer maybe even some on-stage gameplay. Excited to see more of the main antagonist of the game and the cult they are a part of.


Tom Clancy

We have gotten a new Tom Clancy licensed game every year for the past three years. Could we see another game scheduled for 2018? Perhaps a new open world game in the vein of The Divison and Ghost Recon: Wildlands? Or perhaps a new Rainbow Six game after the smashing success of Rainbow Six Siege? I for one am hoping and praying for a new futuristic game much like The Division but with the first person tactical gameplay of Siege. After the success of all three of those games maybe it is time for a combination of them.


The Crew 2

This is yet another game that has already been announced by Ubisoft but we have yet to see any trailers or screenshots for the open world racing game. Could we see the complaints of the original The Crew fixed? Perhaps they allow for an actual open world highway that would allow you to drive across the nation without any blockades. Currently, all we have for a release date is “Before the end of the current fiscal year.” I would find it hard to believe if we do not get an official release date for sometime in late Q4 of 2017 or early Q1 of 2018.


South Park: Fractured But Whole

The sequel to Matt Stone and Trey Parkers South Park: The Stick of Truth which is based on their television animated comedy South Park has seen delays a plenty since its official announcement at E3 2016, seems to be officially arriving in all its vulgar glory in October 2017. I would prefer they keep the trailers to a minimum in hopes of avoiding the spoilage of some of the funnier jokes of the game.

There it is guys, the official Screen Critics predictions for the Ubisoft E3 conference. Check back here after the conference on Monday for my after thoughts on the conference!

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