Video Game Icons – Springtrap

Screen Critics Madison takes a look back at Five Night’s at Freddy 3’s Springtrap – exploring what made him such a memorable character.

Springtrap is the main animatronic villain in Five Nights At Freddies 3. However, he has seemed to play more of a significant role in the series as time went on. Although he only starred in one of the FNAF games in the series, he is certainly one of the most important characters there. He is a video game icon due to how much of a role he plays in the FNAF series, despite only being featured in one game.

In FNAF 3, there were rare images shown of a corpse mangled inside of the old rabbit suit. Automatically, fans assumed the dead corpse that was trapped inside and haunting the suit was William Afton, or Purple Guy. The cut scenes had shows Purple Guy to climb into the suit to hide from the ghost children, but then got springlocked and crushed inside of the dangerous suit. There was little doubt that the man inside of the suit was William Afton.

However, a couple of games later came Sister Location. This game took the lore of Springtrap and put a whole new twist on it that gave us a new perspective on this character. If the player completes Golden Freddy mode in the custom night, the player will get a final cut scene of Springtrap speaking after Fazbear’s Fright has burned to the ground. The first thing Springtrap says is, “Father, it’s me, Michael.” Therefore, the whole idea of Springtrap being William Afton is debunked. This means that Purple Guy is Michael Afton, William Afton’s son. Out of all the plot twists, secrets, and surprises, I would say that this was the biggest game-changer in Sister Location.

This cut scene has foreshadowed into there being a new game in the FNAF series, possibly having Springtrap being the star again. This would be very interesting, considering Springtrap is still quite a mystery animatronic. He has brought so many twists and turns in the series that keep players hooked, even after five games in the main series. Even if he does not star in every FNAF game, he has brought more mysteries than Freddy Fazbear himself. Springtrap is a character that will always have unanswered questions about him, and will always have players begging for more information on him.

I believe that one of the best parts of this character is that he was present in every FNAF game, but he was never heard of or seen until the 3rd FNAF game. Springtrap had been hidden away in the boarded up back room of FNAF 1 and 2, so he had always been a present character. However, he was finally brought to light in the 3rd game that took place years after the first 2 FNAF games. This is such an interesting aspect of any character in a game.

Springtrap will always have a special place in the heart of FNAF fans. As time goes on, hopefully more information will be revealed about him. Perhaps the movie and books that are coming will give us more of an insight into this character. A new game discussing and showcasing Springtrap even more would be amazing as well. Time will tell where the developer of the FNAF series, Scott Cawthon, decides to take Springtrap.

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