WWE’s Vince McMahon is an interesting man. Everyone in the wrestling industry has tales about his escapades within the industry – from those who he ruthlessly raced out to those who worked alongside him. So of course there’s plenty of room for a biopic – something the people over at Tristar Pictures are keen to get working on.

That’s according to The Hollywood Reporter anyway, which says that Tristar Pictures is looking to get the flick out as soon as possible. It reportedly has Glenn Ficarra and John Requa (This is Us) on board already, with a script apparently being penned by Andrew Luisi (American Sniper). Michael Luisi, president of WWE Studios, is apparently also helping out in some capacity.

A script has apparently been in the wild since last Summer, but no Studio’s were willing to touch it without WWE’s blessing (and the blessing of the man himself). When Lazar nabbed the rights to McMahon’s life story, the ball apparently got rolling – with a number of Studio’s interested. So keen were TriStar apparently that they decorated an office in WWE memorabilia.

The Biopic is likely to focus on Vince’s earlier years – those of him being raised in North Carolina. There’s also the early years of working with his father, whom he didn’t meet until he was 12. Given that McMahon went on to merge the territories in North America, there’s plenty of scope for a biopic to dive into.

It’ll be interesting to see how much WWE go in on this. Given WWE Studio’s loose involvement, there’s every chance that the company may lend some of its resources to the project. No date has been given for production yet, nor have any actors been touted.

We’ll be sure to keep you up to date with the news from this project as it moves forward.

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