With positive movie reviews and fans seemingly eager to see DC’s Wonder Woman on the big screen, Warner Bros may finally have the breakout hit that their Cinematic Universe has been begging for. Yet as the movie charges towards release, we’re learning more about the characters that will flesh out that movie – most impressively that of Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor.

Talking with CinemaBlend, Pine stated that Trevor was clearly defined by Patty Jenkin’s (the movie’s director) – with Indiana Jones playing a huge inspiration for the character.

“[Patty Jenkins] was pretty clear: I had to fall in love with [Diana], crack some jokes, and be the kind of light spirit — which I had no problem doing! In the vein of the Indiana Joneses, and Michael Douglas in Romancing The Stone, the kind of rough around the edges and jaded and a realist, but trying his damnedest to be good. I love the story that she was trying to tell. So yeah, [laughs] I enjoyed it!”


Pine was clear that his character isn’t the star of the show, instead he is there to help push Gadot’s Diana on a character arc. He introduces her to the real world and her main port of call when it comes to talking to humanity. Given that this serves as something of an origin story for Wonder Woman in the DCEU, it’s important that audiences are able to connect with her on an emotional level (something that Superman arguably didn’t manage in Man of Steel).

We’re looking forward to seeing Wonder Woman in cinemas. The initial critical reception has been strong, with many calling it one of the best Superhero movies of recent times. It’s certainly going to be interesting to see how wider audiences react to the movie.

Will you be checking out Wonder Woman when it lands in cinemas this weekend? Could this be the movie to save the DCEU?


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