It never rains, just pours for WWE. Reports began surfacing after last nights edition of Monday Night Raw that female Superstar Bayley had picked up a nasty shoulder injury. Now WWE has confirmed that this is the case – revealing the true extent of the injury and suggesting that Bayley could very well miss SummerSlam as a result.

The news comes via, which states;

The former Raw Women’s Champion was evaluated by medical personnel, but the official diagnosis was inconclusive due to the amount of swelling involved. Bayley has been told to rest the shoulder until next week, at which point doctors are hopeful that the swelling will have sufficiently gone down so that she may be reevaluated and a firm verdict can be reached. 

“Everything just tensed up around it,” Bayley told shortly after her match on Monday night. “I’ve never had an injury like this before, so I can’t really know what it is. I guess we’re gonna see.”

Dr. Chris Amann told, “We’ve determined the injury is shoulder-related, and she will be going under further diagnostic testing later this week to determine the extent of the injury and also establish a timetable for recovery.”

The injury occurred during a Women’s Division match – where Nia Jax and Bayley were competing. It was clear towards the end of the match that Bayley was favouring her shoulder – leading many to speculate that an earlier spot had caused the injury.

Right now it’s unclear just how serious the injury is, but it’s very obvious from the video posted to social media that Bayley was somewhat distressed by the entire affair.  If the angle is a work from everyone involved, it’s a very convincing one.

Personally, I’m very annoyed at Nia Jax here. She has a reputation for working stiff on the other women in matches – notably last year almost injuring Charlotte during a match on Monday Night Raw.

It would be a terrible shame for Bayley to lose out on the second biggest pay-per-view in WWE’s calendar due to injury.


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