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Tonight marked the first time WWE has run a promotion outside of North America which is dedicated for a different audience. WWE’s UK ventures are only just beginning, and tonight the company brought together 16 of the UK’s best talent as they began the process of awarding the first WWE UK Championship.

Tonight saw the last 16 whittled down to just 8 – with the following results occurring throughout the show.

Trent Seven def HC Dyer

Jordan Delvin def Danny Burch

Sam Gradwell def Saxon Huxley

Pete Dunne def Roy Johnson

Wolfgang def Tyson T-Bone

Mark Andrews def Dan Moloney

Joseph Conners def James Drake

Tyler Bate def  Tucker

The Quarter Finals ¬†will be broadcast on the WWE Network tomorrow evening at 8pm GMT. The matches you’ll be seeing in that include;

Left Bracket

Tyler Bate vs Jordan Devlin

Trent Seven vs. Wolfgang

Right Bracket

Mark Andrews vs. Joseph Conners

Pete Dunne vs. Sam Gradwell

Overall it was a highly decent show. Some of the matches weren’t so hot (the crowd were working hard throughout to keep the momentum going) but there were a number that showcased exactly the kind of talent WWE is determined to mine from this tournament. The final match between Bate and Tucker was the best match of the night for my money. Wolfgang is my favorite to walk out with the Championship.

For your convenience, we’ve collated some of the highlights from the night into various GIF’s for you to view at your leisure

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