Yellow is a simplistic puzzle game available in the app store by Bart Bonte. I had high expectations simply from the style that the game presented in the screenshots on the iOS App Store, and it certainly lived up to it. This game is absolutely brilliant, and is just the right difficulty to where everyone can play and enjoy it.

The first thing that caught my eye about Yellow was the style and colors. There are only two bold colors features in the game, yellow and black. The concept for each level is to try to get rid of all the black on the screen and make the entire puzzle yellow. Such simplicity in concept can allow for creativity in each level, while making it at a level to where everyone can enjoy it. This is exactly what Yellow has done. I have always been quite critical towards puzzle games, as many of them are either too easy or too difficult. However, this game presented the right amount of challenge without raising the bar too high.

I was a bit nervous when I opened the game as I noticed that the intro’s animation was a bit choppy. Watching this intro, I was hoping that the game would not be sharp and choppy. However, when I got into the game, it exceeded my expectations. The animations were smooth and the controls were easy to manage due to the smooth animations. This quickly became one of my favorite parts of Yellow. The controls are very minimal and simple, such as pushing, pulling, and tapping.

As each level progressed, the game became slightly harder each time. The great part about it was that with each level, Yellow taught the player a skill that would assist them in future levels. This is one reason that this game’s puzzles are on point with the level of difficulty. To go along with this were hints, which were easily accessible to the player. To get a hint, all the player had to do was watch a very short ad. I was relieved to see that I would not have to make an in-app purchase to get hints, as many games in this style require.

For me, puzzles have never been my favorite genre of gaming. However, this game is an exception. It hooked me and kept me playing for a while, determined to complete each level. I have not found a puzzle game that has sucked me in this way. One of the reasons that this puzzle game is top-notch is its simplicity. If Yellow had been over the top with difficulty, challenges, and style, it wouldn’t be as captivating as it is now. The minimal colors and types of challenges truly worked in this game’s favor.

Puzzle games have never been my forte, but I have finally found a game in this genre that I can enjoy with ease. I applaud the developer for creating a game that is simple, yet effective. Yellow is worth the download for anyone who is looking for a puzzle challenge without the difficulty being too high.



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