Even if you don’t like CBS’s Big Bang Theory – there’s no escaping the fact that the show remains a ratings juggernaut. So popular is the veteran show that it’s just been renewed for two more seasons – taking it well into its twelfth season. So of course talk of spin-off’s and potential franchises is all the rage – with Young Sheldon getting it’s first trailer.

The trailer showcases an 8-year-old Sheldon Cooper attending High School. We also get to finally see his father and family in all their glory – something audiences have only seen glimpses of thus far on the main show. This all being said – it looks oh so dull.

To be clear, I’m not against the idea of Big Bang Theory spinoffs (Penny could easily carry her own show with the right approach) but man, this idea sucks. Sheldon has done nothing but complain over the last ten seasons about how rotten his childhood is, and how the people in his Texas town were the absolute worst. I can’t imagine very many people were desperate to see it play out in its own full television show.

It seems I’m not alone in this, with the Youtube video suffering a hugely mixed reaction. Social media has also seen a largely questionable reaction to the trailer.

One of the big positives Big Bang Theory has made is sanding down the more aggressive nature of Sheldon’s personality. A prequel means audiences have to endure the worst of that all over again, with little prospect of development outside of this.

I’m just confused over why this was the spinoff CBS were desperate to get. Given how large the main Big Bang Theory cast is – there’s plenty of options on the table for new directions. The fact we know how this show ends kills any interest for me.

We’ll be sure to check out Young Sheldon when it lands later this year. Are you hyped?


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